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Hyde Park Golf Club welcomes all enthusiasts across all ages. Our location is perfectly aligned with our core goal and value which is to make your every game memorable and enjoyable. We have made sure to let our place not just a place for playing but also a haven for comfort. We have one of the best clubhouses in all of Illinois, and we believe that serving YOU is our utmost priority. Explore our new golf ...


  Hyde Park’s clubhouse boasts of its state-of-the-art facilities from the time it opened on the first week of February. Aside from that, the clubhouse has its in-house and renowned chef who will serve guests with delightful dishes. There is a huge selection of dishes ranging from plates of seafood freshly caught from the lake itself to a plethora of salads and vegetables for vegetarians and all kinds of meat and...


Placed near the Clinton Lake, the Hyde Park Golf Club have set foot another milestone for golfers with its 18-hole golf course. Since he was very young, Mark Smith has thought of building his golf club after the death of his father. It features wide green yardage with perfect weather that meets the north and south, thus putting a challenge.

It was difficult to make a 21-hole golf course, let alone an 18-hole course. To achieve that, Mark has spent his time looking for the perfect spot to place his dreams. Over 15 years, he has set a record for being the best golf course in America with some enthusiasts coming all around the world. Its state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality equipment have made his golf course one of the best emerging golf clubs for patrons and enthusiasts.

Upcoming Events

Quarter Year Game: Ongoing

The ongoing quarterly golf game is almost over and the fishing season beginning. The game started in the first week of July and is expected to end in the first week of September. Professional players have grouped as well as those elite players.
The professional group is currently having a good set of points lead by Spencer Reid. Meanwhile, Elite leader Bernardo Cruz is complacent to win the game over the professional team. Aside from that, they are expected to prepare for the upcoming first tournament once the quarterly game is over.

1st Open Tournament

The first-ever tournament held by Hyde Park is open for all ages this coming November. New moms with kids ages 7 to 12 will have their mini-golf tournament with various prizes. Teens can join the adult group while professional players will have their own game as well.
Winners of each professional group will compete for the championship and have the privilege to get a full-year free sponsorship in Hyde Park. Meanwhile, teens and adults will have a definitive prize….