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Hyde Park’s clubhouse boasts of its state-of-the-art facilities from the time it opened on the first week of February. Aside from that, the clubhouse has its in-house and renowned chef who will serve guests with delightful dishes.

There is a huge selection of dishes ranging from plates of seafood freshly caught from the lake itself to a plethora of salads and vegetables for vegetarians and all kinds of meat and beverages.

It also has private functions, majestic garden view fronting the lake, and an indoor golf course. Such a huge clubhouse is what makes Hyde Park Golf Club different from the other golf clubs.

Mornings would also not be completed without complimentary breakfast for the guests. While you sit in the patio viewing the lake scenery, you can sip your freshly-brewed coffee made of pure coffee beans.

Also, there is a blueprint of the clubhouse framed in the center of the lobby to commemorate the dreamed clubhouse design by Mark’s father. It is indeed a memorable experience to stay in the clubhouse not just for its unique design but also for its sentimental value.