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Membership and Membership Rates

Playing should not be a privilege to some. To completely enjoy our overall amenities, the membership fee is paid one time for an annual membership or on a monthly basis. Our guaranteed service for all members is what we uphold. With over 1,000 active members and counting, it is no wonder why Hyde Park is now making waves in the golfing scene.

There are 3 levels of membership depending on the fees, but they do provide the basic necessities in playing the game.

Premium Membership ($2000 One-Time Payment or $200/Month Fee)

A single use of the premium card will qualify you to use the amenities with limited access to pools and clubhouse. Tournament fees are not discounted, but an existing discount should apply. You can opt to get the Gold Membership by paying a one-time payment of $50 within the first month of being a member. This is valid only for one-time payment membership.

Gold Membership ($2500 One-Time Payment or $250/Month Fee)

The shareable gold membership card for two allows you to use the course for an unlimited day during the day. Discount applies for tournaments. The clubhouse is limited; however, gold members can use the clubhouse up to 10 times a month with a discount applied after the limitation. There is unlimited access for the pool, and an additional $75 fee applies for every existing member when using the clubhouse.

Diamond Membership ($3,500 One-Time Payment or $400/Monthly Fee)

This good for three membership lets you have unlimited access on the course. Discounts apply for the tournaments. There will be unlimited access to the clubhouse, but an additional $90 fee for every existing member applies.

Gold members can also use the pool for unlimited access and bring at least 2 extra members without paying a pool fee. On top of that, Diamond members can have access to the pro-shop and will get invited for events designed only for Diamond members.